Friday 2 January 2009

Ruxcon belated Day2

So this is really a belated day2, been fairly busy at work. We had an embargo for changes over December, but that didn't mean we didn't do work, we had less people on so we did more.
I am going to put a bit more in that the initial recap I did of day 1, first the recap of Day2.
Day 2 was well and truly on par with Day 1, the Ruxcon guys put on an awesome con, and I had a great time.
To recap on day two I went first to an excellent talk by Ben Mosse entitled Browser Rider, next on to a promising tool that was presented I thought somewhat appethetically called Intelligent Webfuzzing by Neil and Bern Archibald. Then onto the BBQ lunch where I had a chat with one of my security mentors the venerable Martin Visser (he knows his wireshark fu).
Then after lunch I went to one of the highlight talks of the con, Netscreen of the Dead by Graeme Neilson (that I recently heard talked about on the pauldotcom security weekly podcast). Then onto the smaller room2 for Googless by Christian Heinrich a fairly good talk but I think aimed more at those not up on their google fu and scripting.
Then finally onto a very interesting talk by Adam Daniel called Pimpin: Forensic Style.

NOTE the talks slides (not videos yet) are available here

I was going to talk about the day in more depth, but that has been whats has delayed this. I will post my notes one day.

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