Sunday 30 November 2008

Ruxcon 1st day

So I am back from the very awesome Ruxcon and its after party. It felt good to be among my own people, I saw at least two other geeks wearing a "There's no place like" T-shirt, and several with other witty, geeky and or security related repartee.
I saw some awesome talks of which I will go into more detail later. I also met the venerable Patrick Gray of the Risky business podcast and Adam Boileau one of his regular knowledgeable guests.
Some standout talks so far have been Enterprise Security, Softer than the foam on my Frappuccino by the LUMC Crew and Ghost Recon: Subverting Local Networks by Berne Campbell, I recommend you download them with slides when/if they become available.
Well peace out all.

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