Tuesday 17 November 2009

Rickrolling has gone viral again

Now this story interests me on so many levels.
It has put Wollongong on the map again people. I'll admit I was raised in the Gong, so it is good to see someone even making notoriety that is from Wollongong. The last renowned intelligent export we had was Evelyn Owen or Sir Lawrence Hargrave (1939 and 1915 respectively) so it has been some time between.
I also dislike apple, there practices annoy me; there practice of dumbing down everything even the extremely technical is the same as dropping superfluous words from the English language to make it easier for speakers, we only need one word for cold right? They also stand on the shoulders of giants, yet give little recognition to those. Yes they made Unix "usable" (so did Linux without the pompousness), but try and find their references of gratitude to all their stolen code, or stolen ideas, nope. Apple have fallen down in the security world repeatedly, and this is a glaring example who sets the same password on every device when you can assume with pretty high certainty that people are going to attack it and find out your password, hence the unlocking.
The other reasons this is interesting is it is a virus that Rickrolls people, hilarious. Rickrolling is something I have done, and had done to me a fair few times, it almost always makes me smile. The other humorous point of this is the author is Ashley Towns, so the meme of Rick Astley is almost made for him.
Well if you own an iphone (hisss) then you can secure it against this virus here(a simple passwd to fix it), bear in mind that this virus will probably hang around for a few years like code red and slammer, funny stuff.

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